Welcome to the Trade Centre Wales, one of the UK's No1 car supermarkets, selling probably the UK's cheapest cars. With 1000 cars available from 36 manufacturers on display, saving thousands of pounds on main dealer prices. You can be confident to find your ideal car with the facilities available to allow you to drive away the same day with peace of mind through thorough checks and adaptable aftersales options.

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  City Neath
  Postcode SA10 7DR
  Address EuroCentre/Neath Abbey Business Pk Neath Abbey
  Phone Number 017 9281 4300

The slimey fat guy who owns it denied who he was, called me sir while totally stonewalling me......breaking down any chance of a customer/supplier relationship! The car was full of faults from the moment I tried to pick it up with my 5 year old. I waited 2 1/2 hrs for a fix and then after 8 mins oil came out of the exhaust on the motorway.

Independent inspection at a dealer and letter before action in the small claims court (j10,000 limit) and the junior staff were authorised to refund me. I guess it's difficult to borrow money for stock if a CCJ is awarded against you!

They give you a tiny oldish Hyundai (the 'customer services manager' tried to fool me into signing that I would insure it...."sign here and here, no it doesn't mean that"..) while they string out repair after repair until they don't owe you any more and its your problem. I saw many disappointed customers come and go. You have to watch the staff arrive obviously from home in Audi A3 TCW courtesy cars. Thankfully I didn't buy their non refundable warranty or part ex my old but reliable car!

Customer Testimonials

We came to Trade Centre Wales because as I drive around a lot with my job I’ve got “Trevor” constantly reminding me what deals they have on. I can’t believe they’ve got him rapping!!! I told my wife we could do with changing our Vauxhall Astra for a new model so we came down and unbelievably they have managed to do it all in the same day, They let us walk around at our own leisure, checked if we need ant assistance and found us a new model . The service is great! The presentation of the cars are immaculate and they made sure everything was explained before we signed any paperwork, Really happy with our experience at Trade Centre and would defiantly recommend a friend.