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Serviced Areas

  • Watford & Hemel Hempstead

Contact Details

  City Rickmansworth
  Postcode WD3 7DW
  Address 139 Uxbridge Rd
  Phone Number 019 2377 1222

Customer Testimonials

I strongly advise any potential buyers against dealing with MW Car Sales (and the owner, Mr. Mike Williams). In short, we bought our car (Seat Toledo 2.0 automatic) from MW Car Sales in mid December, paying £4000. The car showed a serious transmission fault from day one (but only noticeable after driving for about 15 miles when the engine got warm). After MW Car Sales’ refusal, we paid for a specialist transmission diagnostics and the diagnosis was: either we change the faulty valve body in the transmission for £1550, which MAY fix all the problems, or we buy a new transmission for £2500. MW Car Sales was adamant that they can only pay £500 towards the repair. After our threat of a legal action (luckily) the bank got also involved and they agreed to contribute another £700, leaving us with the outstanding £350. We paid all that, the car got fixed and 3 days later the transmission died (internal clutch and other elements). The car now needs a new transmission. (the transmission people gave warranty only for the new part, the bank said they’ve already paid for the repair, and we couldn’t establish contact with MW Car Sales). Also, 3 months after the purchase the car failed miserably the MOT and was declared “dangerous to drive” – leaving us with the bill for £550 in order to make it usable. In effect, the car we paid £4000 for just 5 months ago + £90 diagnostics + £350 transmission repair + £550 MOT, is sitting in our garage, gathering dust, waiting for us to get enough money for the new transmission. Unless you are a mechanic or have substantial mechanical knowledge, do not buy from MW Car Sales as you may not be informed of ANY faults by Mr. Williams as customer service and good business practice seem foreign to him. Embittered and disappointed, Peter and Anna from Bracknell, Berkshire.