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  City Dartford
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  Address 86 Crayford Rd
  Phone Number 013 2255 5885

Following is the letter I wrote to the manager of A1 Carriages following my visit to them in February 2011. Needless to say I have not had a reply.

Dear Sir

I came to your showroom today to view and test drive a Ford Fusion, which I had arranged the day before, and I must say I was quite disappointed with the service I received from your salesman, I’m not sure of his name.

Upon arriving I was left to view the car on my own, no information was offered about it, and I was told to go to the office if and when I was ready for the test drive. The salesman was quite condescending saying ‘good girl’ (I am 52!) when I ‘managed’ to drive the car out of it’s allotted space on the forecourt. When we got back he didn’t think I would be able to park it properly, which I did, for which I got a ‘well done’. I was then left on my own again, with the keys to the Fusion, and was told he would be in the office. I put my disabled son, who had come with me, back into my car and went to find the salesman again. At no point did he try to ‘sell’ me the car, upto this point he had no idea of my budget.

Once in the office, I said I liked the car but that it was J300 above my budget, I had J5700 to spend to which I was told I was 'having a laugh', he was unwilling to go below J5900 which I accepted, but after that I was just dismissed. He made no attempt to show me any of the other Ford Fusions you have in stock which were within my budget, which he now knew, I had seen then on your website, and generally he showed no interest in trying to sell me a car which I assumed was your business?

I had driven all the way from Maidstone in the hope of doing business with your company, and to make what is for me quite a large and important purchase, but I’m afraid I was left feeling quite uncomfortable and completely undervalued as a customer.

Yours faithfully