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  • Fareham & Gosport

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  City Fareham
  Postcode PO15 6RX
  Address 2 Pegham Coppice
  Phone Number 013 2984 6600

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  • sell cars not as described, don't contact you back, liars

The barrel lock does not work. I realised this, when after 1 month of having the car the key wouldn't open my car with the button, so I tried with the key and that also didn't work. So I took the car back to the dealer a month ago and they took the barrel lock out and the seller said "oh, we must have overlooked the barrel lock not working as the electronic key was working". The seller 'Nik' also said they were sending off for a new barrel lock and that he would contact me within 10 days. I waited a month before I decided to call them.

To which the seller said that, they didn't have it and that my warranty only covers labour and that I have to order it and then they will do the labour. I had waited well over the 10 days. If there was a problem I should have been contacted. Also my husband was with me and heard the seller say that he was ordering it and would let me know when it was in. Which didn't happen. They are liars and an awful company. After looking through the internet I can see they have changed their company name quite a few times. I guess it's due to the bad reviews and bad name they get for themselves by fobbing people off and selling dodgy cars.

Value for moneymissold car with faults which will cost me money. So not value
Service & supportawful, dragged out for 8 weeks and still not resolution
Overall ratingPoor

I blame myself.

Passat Estate Diesel Auto 150K, 12 months MOT.

Brakes shot; how this car passed it's MOT I don't know. Subsequently traced its MOT record online and saw it failed on brakes but by some miracle passed on re-test, sometimes got to wonder how much MOT testers turn a blind eye to their regular dealer customers.

Returned car to have wheel bearing replaced and brakes repaired.

Bearing replaced but brakes still shot: been told it was probably a module that can't be bodged up by dealer but must be replaced, costs around J800.

Returned car for refund.

Given less than 50% back, he even charged me for the mileage run up returning the car.

Rude, aggressive, dishonest.

I was a mug, don't be one too.